262 974.383

Only a few weeks ago my clock stroke 262 974.383 hours and considerations about time started to occupy my mind. As we grow older, we start to notice that time runs faster and that apparently life is short. People often consider time unstoppable, unavoidable and uncontrollable. Some theories state that time is a fundamental objective quantity. Others consider that all is relative.

Recently I had a discussion with a friend, that the more events happen to us, the less time we have. I allowed myself to disagree with this statement, and then spent days thinking, whether my friend was right.
I tend to believe that, if well planned, a day can be divided into several intervals, each of which can represent a separate day. Sometimes I come from work and say: “my real Friday starts now!” (it can also happen on Mondays, Tuesdays and other weekdays too). And the more I do, the longer I perceive the day to be. Why do others think differently? Posting this question I turned to the all-mighty wikipedia.

First of all, I came across an interesting concept of temporal illusion called the kappa effect [coined by Cohen, Hansel and Sylvester in: Nature, 172, 901, 1953]. This effect is verifiable by experiment, in which a person taking a journey divided in two equal in duration parts, perceives these parts differently. The theory states that the journey that covers more distance will appear to take longer than the journey covering less distance, even though they take an equal amount of time.
My positive conclusion : do more, and you will have more than 24 hours per day!

At the same time, it is a common practice to grow plants under simulated sped-up lights. Several days per day, so to say. And these plants grow faster. My question is, whether by doing more we age faster?

A sad statistics that I found reveals that one hour to a six-month-old person would be approximately “1:4368”, while one hour to a 40-year-old would be “1:349,440”. Therefore this objectively measured time frame becomes much shorter as we age. Even though the measure of time is the same.
My negative conclusion: Do more, and you will age faster… exponentially faster over the years.
My positive conclusion: Nonetheless, by doing less, you will run out of time even sooner.

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