Education and Titles
Professor’s academic title, Blekinge Institute of Technology – 2016
Docent’s academic title, Blekinge Institute of Technology – 2013
Professor’s academic title, University of Latvia — 2013
Associate Professor’s academic title, University of Latvia — 2009
Docent’s academic title, University of Latvia — 2008
Doctoral degree in Computer Science (PhD), University of Latvia — 2007

Professional Certificates
European Software Institute (ESI) certificate for the training course on Introduction to Capability Maturity Model® Integration Staged Representation, V1.1. (2004)
DataPro certificate for the training course on Java, EJB bases (2002)
Certified Lotus Specialist (R4 App Dev), from Lotus Education (1999)

Research Grants
– Swedish Knowledge Foundation KK-Hög grant Nr.2012/0200 (2013-2016)
– Swedish Knowledge Foundation KK-Hög grant Nr.2009/0249 (2010-2013)
– European Social Fund project “Doctoral student research and post doctoral research support for university of Latvia” (2004-2007 as a doctoral student support and 2007-2008 as a post doc support)
– Latvian Council of Science project Nr. 02.2002 “Latvian Informatics Production Unit Support Program in the Area of Engineering, Computer Networks and Signal Processing” (2003-2010).

Work Experience
Professor of Software Engineering, BTH (Sweden) since 2016.
Employed in various positions since 2008. Research activities within the Software engineering research laboratory (SERL Sweden), incl. leadership for a number of research project funded by KKS and carried in collaboration with various industry partners (Ericsson AB, ABB, Emerson Process Management, Boss Media, CSC). Lecturing in the Ms program in Software Engineering: Global Software Engineering, Advanced Software Project Management. Profile: https://www.bth.se/eng/staff/darja-smite-xds/

Guest Professor, University of Latvia (Latvia) 2013-2017.
A member of academic staff since 2001, elected as a Professor in January 2013. Duties include: the role of a senator (2007-2010), and a responsible for students exchange. Lecturing in the Bs program in Computer Science: Requirements Engineering (since 2004), IT-related law and network etiquette (since 2002), Profile: www.lu.lv/dn/darbinieki/szmitedarja.html

IT Auditor and Consultant, RITI (Latvia) 2003-2010
Riga Information Technology Institute is a private R&D body owned by Exigen Services. Currently involved in research activities. Previous activities include: quality assurance for the software house, incl. software project measurement and internal quality auditing (ISO 9001:2000); and IT/IS security auditing and IT-related consultancy for external private and government institutions.

Systems Analyst / Project Manager, IT Alise (Latvia) 2000 – 2003
IBM Lotus-based application development: project management and system analysis; and Oracle portal implementation. Applications developed for a wide variety of business needs in different sectors, including: insurance policy management system, human resource management systems, document management systems, business process support systems, internal corporative portals.

Software Engineer, SWH Technology (Latvia) 1999 – 2000
Involved in lotus-based application development.

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