I am working in the Software Engineering Research Lab (SERL) at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.
Since August 2020 I am also an Adjunct Professor in the IDUN project at NTNU, Norway, and since November 2020 I have started as a part-time Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF in Norway.

Research areas
Global Software Engineering | Distributed  Teams | Virtual Teams | Team Autonomy | Team Performance |
Productivity and Efficiency | Software Process Improvement | Development Value | Return on Investments |
Agile Software Development | Large-Scale Software Development | Project Governance |
Knowledge Management | Communities of Practice

Ongoing research projects
• ScaleWise
– Support for continues growth in large-scale distributed software development – KK-Hög project supported by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation, in collaboration with Ericsson and Spotify. April, 2020 – March, 2023. Role: main applicant, project manager, leading researcher.
• SERT – Software Engineering ReThought – KKS profile project. Role: researcher.
• 10xTeams – Application of practices and methodologies for coordinating teams in complex networks, and models to support extremely high levels of individual autonomy. The project is headed by Iterate with partners SINTEF, Zedge and SpareBank 1 Utvikling.

Research in brief
Research questions that are motivated by the GSE challenges
–  Which forms of sourcing (offshoring, onshoring, nearshoring, outsourcing vs insourcing) are economically feasible and under which circumstances?
–  How to organize sourcing arrangements in a way profitable for the client company?
– What are the economic and quality implications of moving software work (software transfers)?
–  Can GSE be agile? How to scale agile practices to multi-team, multi-site environments?
–  Can remote teams be autonomous? What hinders and enables autonomy in large-scale distributed projects?
–  Can distributed teams be effective? What is necessary to achieve efficiency?
–  What is the cost of mitigating GSE challenges and do outsourcing/offshoring benefits overweight it?
–  What is the length of the learning curve when onboarding engineers and teams in different projects (onboarding in legacy projects, onboarding on a distance)?
–  How to implement communities of practice/guilds in large-scale software companies?
–  How to scale softawre projects (capacity growth)?

Research grants
• Swedish Knowledge Foundation KK-Hög grant Nr. 2019/0087 (2020-2023) – ScaleWise
• Swedish Knowledge Foundation KK-Hög grant Nr. 2016/0191 (2017-2020) – GoLD 
• Swedish Knowledge Foundation KK-Hög grant Nr. 2012/0200 (2013-2017) – TEDD
• Swedish Knowledge Foundation KK-Hög grant Nr.2009/0249 (2010-2013) – R2D2
• Latvian Council of Science project Nr. 02.2002 “Latvian Informatics Production Unit Support Program in the Area of Engineering, Computer Networks and Signal Processing” (2003-2010)
• European Social Fund project “Doctoral student research and post doctoral research support for university of Latvia” (2004-2007 student support, 2007-2008 post doc support)

Research supervision
• Dr. Ronald Jabangwe (Blekinge Institute of Technology, June 2015).
• Dr. Ricardo Britto (Blekinge Institute of Technology), November 3, 2017.
In progress:
• Aivars Šāblis (Blekinge Institute of Technology)
• Ehsan Zabardast (Blekinge Institute of Technology), Doctoral defense planned in 2023

Conference organization
• IS FCT | International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory
Local organizing committee member 2001
• PROFES | International Conference on Product Focused Software Development and Improvement
Local organizing committee co-chair
Tutorial & Workshop Chair

• ICGSE | IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering
Tutorial Chair

Tutorial Chair

Publicity Chair

Program Co-Chair 2018
Academic Liaison 2020
General Chair 2021
• XP | International Conference on Agile Methods
Doctoral Symposium Co-Chair 2016

Editorial Work
• Software Engineering area editor in the Baltic Journal of Modern Computing (BJMC) | ISSN 2255-8950 (since 2012)
• Member of the editorial board in the Journal of Supply Chain Relocation (2017-2018)

Scientific reviews – Journals
• Information and Software Technology (since 2007)
• Software Quality Journal (since 2009)
• Journal of Systems and Software (since 2011)
• Journal of Empirical Software Engineering (since 2015)
• IET Software Journal (since 2015)
• Transactions on Software Engineering (since 2016)

Scientific reviews – Conferences
ESEM | International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement 2013-…
• ICGSE | IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering 2007-…
• XP | International Conference on Agile Software Development 2012-13, 2016-…
• EASE | International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering, Vision Papers and Emerging Results Track, 2020
• ICSE | International Conference on Software Engineering, 2021
• Agile 2011
• Baltic DB&IS | International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems 2010
• ECIS | European Conference on Information Systems | Global Sourcing Management 2012 | Human Factors in Information Systems Development 2013
• EUROSPI | European Systems, Software & Service Process Improvement & Innovation 2006-09
• Globagile Workshop 2011-12
• ICSSP | International Conference on Software and System Process 2012
• ICSE SEE | International Conference on Software Engineering Software Engineering Education Track 2013
• HICSS | Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences | Minitrack on Global Virtual Teams
• PROFES | International Conference on Product Focused Software Development and Improvement 2008-09, 2018
• SEAA | Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications 2013, 2019

Scientific reviews and organization – Workshops
• Workshop on Managing the Client Value Creation Process in Agile (co-located with PROFES), PC member, 2012
• VirtuES – Virtual Teams: Experiences in Global Software Engineering (co-located with ICGSE), PC member, organizer, 2013-2014
• Globagile workshop (co-located with ICGSE), PC member, 2010-2012
• ImpAct workshop (co-located with ICSSP), organizer, 2015–2017
• Large-Scale Agile (co-located with XP), PC member, 2016-2019
• A-teams, International Workshop on Autonomous Agile Teams, PC member, 2018-…

• 2020 – PhD Committee member for Tomas Gustavsson (Karlstad University, Sweden)
• 2020 – PhD opponent for Rebekka Wohlrab (Chalmers, Sweden)
• 2017 – PhD evaluator for Muhammad Salam (University of Malakand, Pakistan)
• 2016 – PhD opponent for Daniel Graziotin (Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy)
• 2014 – PhD opponent for Ben van Gameren (Delft Technical University, Netherlands)
• 2014 – PhD opponent for Christina Manteli (VU University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
• 2011 – PhD opponent for Paula Savolainen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
• 2010 – Licenciate opponent for Emilie Engström (Lund University, Sweden) in 2010

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