Starting from August 2008 I am working in Software Engineering Research Lab (SERL) led by prof. Claes Wohlin at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. Research group web:

Research areas
Global Software Engineering | Distributed  Teams | Virtual Teams | Productivity and Efficiency Improvement | Software Process Improvement | Development Value | Return on Investments | Agile Software Development | Group Autonomy | Project Governance

Ongoing research projects
GoLD – Governance in Large-Scale Distributed Agile Development – KK-Hög project supported by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation, in collaboration with Ericsson and DXC Technologies. April, 2017 – March 2020.

Research in brief
Research questions that are motivated by the GSE challenges
–  What are the different forms of work enabled through globalization?
–  Which forms of work are economically feasible and under which circumstances?
–  Is GSE different from traditional co-located development?
–  What are the challenges of distributed work? Are these challenges new?
–  What is the role of trust in collaboration across borders?
–  What is the applicability of different coordination mechanisms in distributed work (standardization, direct supervision, mutual adjustment)? And what is the impact of these mechanisms on collaboration?
–  Can GSE be agile? How to scale agile practices to multi-team, multi-site environments?
–  Can remote teams be autonomous? What hinders and enables autonomy in large-scale distributed projects?
–  Can distributed teams be effective? What is necessary to achieve efficiency?
–  What is the cost of mitigating GSE challenges and do outsourcing/offshoring benefits overweight it?
–  What is the length of the learning curve of an offshore unit?

Research grants
• Swedish Knowledge Foundation KK-Hög grant Nr. 2016/0191 (2017-2020) – GoLD project
• Swedish Knowledge Foundation KK-Hög grant Nr. 2012/0200 (2013-2017) – TEDD project
• Swedish Knowledge Foundation KK-Hög grant Nr.2009/0249 (2010-2013) – R2D2 project
• Latvian Council of Science project Nr. 02.2002 “Latvian Informatics Production Unit Support Program in the Area of Engineering, Computer Networks and Signal Processing” (2003-2010)
• European Social Fund project “Doctoral student research and post doctoral research support for university of Latvia” (2004-2007 student support, 2007-2008 post doc support)

Research supervision
• Dr. Ronald Jabangwe (Blekinge Institute of Technology, June 2015).
• Dr. Ricardo Britto (Blekinge Institute of Technology), November 3, 2017.
In progress:
• Aivars Šāblis (Blekinge Institute of Technology), Doctoral defense planned in 2020

Conference organization
• IS FCT | International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory
Local organizing committee member 2001
• PROFES | International Conference on Product Focused Software Development and Improvement
Local organizing committee co-chair
Tutorial & Workshop Chair

• ICGSE | IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering
Tutorial Chair

Tutorial Chair

Publicity Chair

Program Co-Chair 2018
• XP | International Conference on Agile Methods
Doctoral Symposium Co-Chair 2016

Editorial Work
• Software Engineering area editor in the Baltic Journal of Modern Computing (BJMC) | ISSN 2255-8950 (since 2012)
• Member of the editorial board in the Journal of Supply Chain Relocation (since 2017)

Scientific reviews – Journals
• Information and Software Technology (since 2007)
• Software Quality Journal (since 2009)
• Journal of Systems and Software (since 2011)
• Journal of Empirical Software Engineering (since 2015)
• IET Software Journal (since 2015)
• Transactions on Software Engineering (since 2016)

Scientific reviews – Conferences
• Agile 2011
• Baltic DB&IS | International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems 2010
• ECIS | European Conference on Information Systems | Global Sourcing Management 2012 | Human Factors in Information Systems Development 2013
• EUROSPI | European Systems, Software & Service Process Improvement & Innovation 2006-09
ESEM | International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement 2013-…
• Globagile Workshop 2011-12
• ICGSE | IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering 2007-…
• ICSSP | International Conference on Software and System Process 2012
• ICSE SEE | International Conference on Software Engineering Software Engineering Education Track 2013
• HICSS | Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences | Minitrack on Global Virtual Teams
• PROFES | International Conference on Product Focused Software Development and Improvement 2008-09
• SEAA | Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications 2013
• XP | International Conference on Agile Software Development 2012-13, 2016-…

Scientific reviews and organization – Workshops
• Workshop on Managing the Client Value Creation Process in Agile (co-located with PROFES), PC member, 2012
• Virtues – Virtual Teams: Experiences in Global Software Engineering (co-located with ICGSE), PC member, organizer, 2013-2014
• Globagile workshop (co-located with ICGSE), PC member, 2010-2012
• ImpAct workshop (co-located with ICSSP), organizer, 2015–…

• 2017 – PhD evaluator for Muhammad Salam (University of Malakand, Pakistan)
• 2016 – PhD opponent for Daniel Graziotin (Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy)
• 2014 – PhD opponent for Ben van Gameren (Delft Technical University, Netherlands)
• 2014 – PhD opponent for Christina Manteli (VU University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
• 2011 – PhD opponent for Paula Savolainen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
• 2010 – Licenciate opponent for Emilie Engström (Lund University, Sweden) in 2010




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