Brazil: the other hemisphere

A couple of weeks ago, for the first time in my life, I have travelled to the other hemisphere - to Brazil.¬†August - the last month of the winter. At the end of the Swedish summer. When preparing for the trip I asked several friends who have been to that part of the other hemisphere... Continue Reading →

Lisbon, as I saw it

Some cities look good on postcards, with tidy streets and well-preserved architectural¬†heritage. You can walk and feel impressed with how beautiful and wonderful everything looks. Such city for me is, e.g. Madrid. But more *beautiful* to me are cities with an atmosphere. They may be shabby, with lots of old and forgotten places, cracked grey... Continue Reading →

A tour into the spring

Interestingly spring does not come simultaneously to everyone. In the past few weeks I had a chance to step into its different stages in Sweden, Austria, Italy and for another week return to cold and snowy Latvia. I have been in Innsbruck before, but during the summer and in the rainy weather, when the town... Continue Reading →

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