Summer in Latvia

One week away from work, but my mind is already summarizing all the things I have managed during the summer. Many wonder what have been up to while on the vacation, and carefully ask whether I have been working... as usual. No, I have not... Here is a short report 🙂 I escaped Sweden in... Continue Reading →

Falu rödfärg

From time to time I think about Swedish architecture. It is very different from what I am used to in Riga/Latvia. Apart of living in one of the most beautiful Baroque style towns (Karlskrona is known as Sweden's only baroque city), I am surrounded by the "usual Swedish architecture", which is falu red wooden houses.... Continue Reading →

2.5 weeks of traveling

I left in May, and just returned home yesterday from a long traveling to Göteborg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Zurich, Barcelona and Madrid. Here are some pictures that I am happy to share.

Spring in Sweden

The arrival of the spring in Sweden has been delayed this year. Imagine only, it is mid may, but the nature has just started to bloom. A week ago I took a trip around Blekinge and took some pictures to capture the slow spring revelation.

A tour into the spring

Interestingly spring does not come simultaneously to everyone. In the past few weeks I had a chance to step into its different stages in Sweden, Austria, Italy and for another week return to cold and snowy Latvia. I have been in Innsbruck before, but during the summer and in the rainy weather, when the town... Continue Reading →

New site, new life

After four years of blogging on, I was forced to move on. Unfortunately, Apple decided not to continue supporting iWeb (my all times favorite too). Although the site is still available, it won't be moved to the iCloud, and won't be updated either, since iWeb is not installable anymore. This all meant that I... Continue Reading →

In the sky

When writing yet another email from yet another airport a friend of mine made an observation that I almost live in the air. And indeed, my bags have not been unpacked for several weeks, and I am home only for 2 days before going away again. Out of curiosity I calculated the amount of time... Continue Reading →

262 974.383

Only a few weeks ago my clock stroke 262 974.383 hours and considerations about time started to occupy my mind. As we grow older, we start to notice that time runs faster and that apparently life is short. People often consider time unstoppable, unavoidable and uncontrollable. Some theories state that time is a fundamental objective... Continue Reading →

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