Passionate speaker, researcher and consultant.


Darja Smite is an author of 100+ research articles and three edited books. She has published in prominent scientific journals and is especially proud of her well-read articles in popular science magazines. Her recent article on Spotify Guilds has received the best article award of the year 2019 in IEEE Software.

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Darja Smite is a frequent speaker at academic and industry events. She offers keynote speeches and webinars on a number of topics dedicated to offshoring, outsourcing, distributed and agile software development, large-scale agile development, remote teamwork and virtual teamwork.

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Darja Smite is leading research efforts dedicated to distributed development and large-scale agile development at Blekinge Institute of Technology, and is a part-time research scientist at NTNU and SINTEF in Norway. When research collaboration is not possible, she offers her expert opinion as consultancy.

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Current positions

Professor of Software Engineering, BTH (Sweden) since 2016.
Pro-dean of the Faculty of Computing 2019-2020
Employed in various positions since 2008. Research activities within the Software engineering research laboratory (SERL Sweden), incl. leadership for a number of research project funded by KKS and carried in collaboration with various industry partners (Ericsson, Spotify, ABB, Emerson Process Management, Boss Media, CSC). Lecturing in the BSc, MSc and PhD programs in Software Engineering: Global Software Engineering, Advanced Software Project Management, Research Ethics.

Part-time Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF (Norway) since 2020.
Participation in the 10xTeams reserach project dedicated to team autonomy in large-scale software development projects.

Part-time Professor, NTNU (Norway) since 2020.
Participation in the IDUN mentoring program for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology that runs 2020-2022. Profile:

Recent blog posts

A new book on agile and distributed!

And again, together with my colleague Nils Brede Moe we decided to summarise our learnings about using agile methods in distributed projects from research in a book. Through our research, we see many companies still struggle by experimenting and adjusting their tactical approaches, learning through failure, and sometimes failing to diagnose the challenges and loosing time…

Talking about cultural differences

The topic of cultural differences has always interested me and I found interesting the work of Geert Hofstede who has systematized the roots of cultural differences into five dimensions. I was particularly intrigued to see that ethnic Latvians are more like Scandinavians and that Latvia culturally belongs to the Northern Europe and not Eastern Europe.…

Agile principles in the large

My current research interests are related to understanding the scalability of agile principles in large-scale distributed projects. The core principles we study are autonomy, self-management and self-governance. In April this year we have started a new research project looking into team autonomy in multi-team multi-site projects. The first study conducted indicates that teams receive different…

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