Week 18-19 — Hockey, Nothing Else Matters

For the past few weeks it was all about hockey. And yes, I am not fond of discussing the topic, when it comes to Latvians this year… They were climbing up the first three games, and dramatically falling down ever after. From the 6th place in the power ranking on May 8 they lost a series of games to the teams that have always been defeated, and finally were out before the quarter finals. I feel disappointed, but it does not stop me from watching more of hockey.

And true miracles do happen in ice hockey. Although not for Latvians this time.

They say “Hockey is Canada”. I have just finished watching the first game of the quarterfinals, and the all time favorite Canadians are out after a dramatic struggle for survival against Slovaks. Unbelievable. As the Slovaks sang their national anthem in glory, Canadians were completely paralyzed from the shock, an unexpected defeat, just about 2 min away from the end of the game…

Spring in Sweden

The arrival of the spring in Sweden has been delayed this year. Imagine only, it is mid may, but the nature has just started to bloom. A week ago I took a trip around Blekinge and took some pictures to capture the slow spring revelation.