A tour into the spring

Interestingly spring does not come simultaneously to everyone. In the past few weeks I had a chance to step into its different stages in Sweden, Austria, Italy and for another week return to cold and snowy Latvia.

I have been in Innsbruck before, but during the summer and in the rainy weather, when the town is surrounded by the green walls of the surrounding mountains. This time, it revealed the fascinating beauty of the snowy mountain peaks – an unforgettable scenery. Despite the freshly cold mornings, the day sun’s warmth was burning and I have instantly caught a nice tan.

Although Bolzano is just a couple of hours away from Innsbruck, Italian spring has gone much faster much further. I arrived in the blossom of cherries, magnolia, chestnut trees, lilacs and countless flowers. The good weather however did not last long… and for two days I woke up in the clouds.

My next stop was Milan, the city of famous Duomo, the marvelous cathedral. The weather was fantastically warm, which could easily qualify as Swedish summer (or Latvian for that matter). Although Milan does not have the charm of Bolzano, it was a city worth visiting.





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  1. Очень симпатичное путешествие! Публикуй почаще свои фотонаблюдения. 🙂

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