New site, new life

After four years of blogging on, I was forced to move on. Unfortunately, Apple decided not to continue supporting iWeb (my all times favorite too). Although the site is still available, it won’t be moved to the iCloud, and won’t be updated either, since iWeb is not installable anymore.

This all meant that I needed to find a new storage place, and a new content management tool. Those who know how demanding I can be to designing and formatting, can imagine the requirements that I had, and how difficult it was for me to find an adequate solution that allows me to change as much as I would like to… In practice, however, it appeared to be impossible. Anything after iWeb feels and looks different, complex, user unfriendly,..

With the help of an old friend, Elvis, and the time during Agile Latvia 2012, a new site was registered and established. The coming few days were spent on changing the appearance schemes again and again, and moving the content. (I do not promise that the changes in the layout and design will not continue)… but hope that the new life for my website will encourage me to write again, and even regain the interest in photography.

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